Our moving lift reaches to the 7th floor
bus 10m3
Our bus for smaller removals 10m3
20m3 vrachtwagen
Our truck 20m3 for large removals
Our high quality hand trucks.

On this page you can find most of our services.
If you can't find what you are looking for, don't worry TMC makes it possible!

If you are not able to pack in and out your self no worries TMC does it all for u.

Professional advice
We know better than anyone that it can be a daunting task to move and making the schedule, we prefer to do this together.
We come to you along for a coffee and we'll help you through and give you free advice.
It is also possible for the entire planning to leave it up to us in additional charges.

We are available to use a lift (see first picture) that has a range up to the 7th floor if it is not high enough we can hire you a lift.

Blankets are very important to ensure that your belongings / furniture stay undamaged, blankets we always keep close with us.

Straps ensure that your belongings do not fall over en route to a location it is always present by default.

Rope and block
A rope and block and are always very handy in Amsterdam its usually already present in a house but we also have a couple reserve for exceptions.

Hydraulic platform
For heavy work, to make light work, we have a hydraulic platform.

If you are`nt able to move during the day or want to move as indicated in the night, it is possible.
With TMC its also possible to move at night, it is unique. We ask a supplement of 150%.

Always strictly on time
One of our many features is that we are very strict with the times, we will never be late and we handle everything under tight schedules.

Courier Services and other transport
We carry (almost) everything. You don`t have any opportunity or time to take stuff from pavement to pavement it is no problem at all. We can drive/carry it for you at very reasonable prices.

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